Resources for Clinicians

Supervision & Consultation

Mike has been consulting for the last five years.  He receives training from the Gottman Institute yearly reviewing best practice, consulting challenges and providing exchanges between consultants for mutual learning.  He consults for Psychological Clinics and individuals seeking to better manage difficult clients or wanting to improve their clinical skills and understanding of couple’s therapy.  Mike enjoys working with groups and individuals.  He will review clinical tapes providing alternate interventions, assisting with interventions and assisting with identifying clinical moments that can be vectors to significant intervention.  He is interested in what each therapist wants from the consultation and the learning strategies that work best for them.  He adapts to the learning objectives of each consultee.

Call for a free half hour consultation and see if Mike is a good fit with your learning

Gottman Methods Training

Gottman Training Has Moved Online with great results.  We have lowered the cost of the workshops.  For Level one and two we have increased the consultation time normally available in a live training format.  Mike offers two free hours of follow-up consultation time for trainees. More

Mike provides core clinical methods training providing all three levels of clinical training. more

Certification Track Consultant

For clinicians wanting to certify as a Gottman Therapist he provides consultant training assisting the clinician to create passing video tapes demonstrating their capacity to deliver Gottman Methods Interventions.  Along the way based on the clinicians he assists with practice theory clarification, understanding how to deliver relational therapy to couples and how to master the required interventions. More at the  Gottman Institute

Clinicians who want a reliable online resource for monitoring heart rate.  This app is recommend to be used by telehealth therapists

Game Changer: New Resources for Therapists and Couples

The Gottmans have created a sister company to the Gottman Institute to develop and operate software that significantly advances assessment processes bringing the capacity of the lab into the clinician’s office.  It is designed to create seamless movement from assessment to intervention.  Hence there are new assessment resources and information that therapists can learn about couples and that couples can learn about themselves.  John Gottman’s mathematics, computer algorithms, multiple super computers, along with his and Julie’s vision are making this possible.  There are plans to develop more software that will help the therapist help couples.  Two examples of this coming software is the retrieval of conflict moments in which the couple are engaging like master couples in their relationship.  These videos will be available for the couple to compare to their interaction when they are behaving like the disasters of relationship.  This will also allow the couple to experience their progress which research is showing engenders hope and predicts positive change.

Further the software is intended to provide couples across the globe easy financial access and phone access to relationship assessment, guidance, and self-help assistance to change their relationship.  The democratization of clinical assistance will be of importance to couples through out the world that can not afford a therapist. See

Academic Resources

See the collection of Gottman Articles old and new at .  Some articles are free depending upon the publisher.

Heart Monitor clients while in therapy.  This must be used with a phone.  The clinician can be sure of possible flooding using a free accurate heart rate measuring app.

Advanced Training for Clinicians

This evidence-based, two-day training will equip you to teach pregnant and parenting couples to successfully prepare for the transition to parenthood. Connect to the Gottman Website for more information

This training will teach you how to take small groups of couples through John Gottman’s revised, groundbreaking book, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. Connect to the Gottman Website for more information

This training is for therapists, counselors, and professionals who work with couples struggling with addiction as well as couples in recovery from alcohol, drugs and/or behavioral addictions. Connect to the Gottman Website for more information

This training is for professionals who want to enhance their understanding of assessment, treatment planning, and intervention with couples where an affair and/or trauma has created pain and struggle in their relationship. Connect to the Gottman Website for more information

Pulse Monitoring for Online Clinical Assistance

Recommended free phone app to be used by client to confirm when heart rates are above 100 bpm and when heart rates have returned to normal. For Androids See and for iPhone see