Welcome to Positive Relationship.  Mike’s approach is based on scientific knowledge which informs therapy and provides you with the skills and relationship experiences that matter.  Mike will help you set the conditions to repair your relationship and maintain your positive changes for years to come.  Mike believes in love and the power of your commitment to make your relationship thrive.  He will offer you a map and a plethora of means to get there.

John Gottman, a research psychologist, first dreamed of understanding what made relationships work. To this objective he has devoted his lifetime. Learn More

Workshops for Couples

This workshop is designed to strengthen your relationship through engaging presentations and experiential activities. This workshop will provide tools for strong relationships and a road map for distressed relationships. Learn More

Gottman Courses for Clinicians

Experience a new approach to learning designed exclusively for professionals who are dedicated to strengthening relationships.

Earn CE hours, improve outcomes, build expertise, and grow your practice from anywhere on any connected device. Learn More