About Positive Relationship Inc

Welcome to Positive Relationship. Mike’s approach is based on scientific knowledge which informs therapy and provides you with the skills and relationship experiences that matter. Mike will help you set the conditions to repair your relationship and maintain your positive changes for years to come. Mike believes in love and the power of your commitment to make your relationship thrive. He will offer you a map and a plethora of means to get there.

John Gottman, a research psychologist, first dreamed of understanding what made relationships work. To this objective he has devoted his lifetime. He has succeeded at identifying key aspects of friendship and conflict management that predicts relationship success and failure with rates of over 90% predictability. Married to Julie Schwartz Gottman, a clinical psychologist, the two began to build on John’s research, creating new dreams. John and Julie developed a relationship theory called the “Sound Relationship House”. The Gottman’s created the Gottman Institute and most recently a sister company Affective Software Inc. to fulfill both John and Julie’s present and legacy dreams. According to John, his science is incomplete until the sound relationship house theory is tested through ongoing research.

He and Julie wish that the science of relationship help couples improve their relationships and guide therapists to effective methods of assistance. Julie’s most cherished dream is that couples, all over the world will one day have access to meaningful relationship assistance. Due to their gifts and their tenacity they are on the precipice of fulfilling all their dreams.

As you explore this website, I hope you will see that it is devoted to supporting John and Julie’s ongoing dreams to make a positive difference in couples’ relationships. Mike’s dream you might ask? I, like all of us, have one life to live. My gift is to be a therapist and with over thirty years of clinical experience I have a solid foundation to provide couples therapy, to teach and consult. I want to ensure that I offer the best, in doing my part to make this world a better place. My wife Patricia of over 40 years shares this dream. She provides attention to detail and administrative support. Without our lifelong partnership, I would not be able to offer gold in my golden years.

Mike Fidler MSW RSW
Clinical Social Worker